Perfect WordPress Website“, Did I say “Perfect” is that even Possible.Yes it is,through lot of Smart work and Learning.Most of the designers hate WordPress since it’s kind of tricky.In 2016, content management systems (CMS) like WordPress have made creating a website accessible to everyone.


WordPress is really great if you’re a beginner. Why???

  • It’s FREE, with layouts/themes to choose from
  • It’s VERY beginner-friendly
  • It works Small or Big site.
  • Your site will be ‘responsive‘. i.e it’ll work on mobiles & tablets, too.
  • Support is Excellent :the Developer community is always there to help us.

Steps to Designing A WordPress

1: Copy Cat!

Copy cat

It is good to find and take inspiration.As I mean only stealing ideas for good.Let’s just say that every great things are from inspiration.”Can I really steal Ideas?” is that your question right now,The answer is “Yes, Of Course–only the Execution Matters”.

2: Lay the groundwork first

For any process planning is very essential.Choosing your Niche,finding your Target audience are some of the important Works that should be taken care off first.Once you fix your Target it will be easier to focus.Please note I’m not saying easier to achieve.Cause running a Website/Blog takes time,energy and especially patience.Branding,Establishing Your online Presence,Generating Leads are on the lists.

3: Get the right set of tools

Life is Too short for a Bad Software.

Life is too short

Let’s start with some of the Basics:

  • Pixabay-Great Image sources to start with.
  • Unsplash – the best source of high quality photos with no copyright.
  • PixelDropr – handy way of creating your own pixel collections (buttons, icons, UI kits, etc.) and then using them in Photoshop through drag and drop.
  • IcoMoon – one of the top icon fonts provider out there; plus, you get an app you can use for building your own custom fonts.
  • Foundation By Zurb-One of the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world.
  • Typography- Google Webfonts has numerous web fonts for any designing work to make hassle free. They are free and incredibly easy to implement into your projects.

4: Themes & Plugins is the place for you.You can either choose an existing theme or building your own.The first option has this proven results from other users whereas second one needs continuous tweaks for every website.

Plugins are the best way to extend a functionality of the WordPress Website which is already built in it.It can offer you the custom function as per your needs.

5: Create better content

Well,It’s a digital world people are inundated with catchy advertisements.People all over the world have the same quest of knowledge.Every person’s journey on the internet begins in order to find the relevant/quality information.A Good content is the only key factor that drives traffics and direct those customers towards your brand.Create a Content that is informative entertaining and enduring.

Most of the content marketer, leave their client behind after they get paid.If it’s your own site that you’re creating content then you’ll have advantages of reaching out to your audience.

Time for an Action

Time for an Action

We’ve unfolded some basic steps in building a WordPress website.So what are you waiting for it’s time for an action.